How To Make A Girl Fall For You

Everybody seeks love! And since you’re reading this article, it’s pretty obvious that you’re interested in a girl and desperately want her to love you back.

First and foremost, getting a girl’s attention takes time, energy and a lot of patience. But if you follow the right steps, you can woo any girl- be it your longtime crush or a recent Tinder date.

How To Make A Girl Fall For You

Underneath here are a few tips/ideas on how to make a girl fall for you(don’t forget that these are just mere tricks and you still have to put in your efforts):


#1. Listen Carefully

Women are inclined towards men who listen to their problems with open ears. Carefully listening to what your crush has to say, puts you one step above of all the other guys in pursuit.

Also, note that women like to work out their problem by themselves; they just want you to listen. That said, fight the urge to provide a solution to her problem.


#2. Compliment Her

Women put a lot of time into looking nice. Pass her a flattering compliment on how well she’s dressed and she’ll be delighted that you noticed.

Compliment Her

Also, don’t just pass plain statements or fake compliments. Try to be honest and keep it as genuine as you can.

#3. Be Her Moral Support

Who doesn’t need support? If you want a girl to love you back, then don’t forget to encourage and support her through her daily battles.


Be Her Moral Support


But don’t take us wrong! We aren’t asking you to be a puppet and agree with everything she has to say. All we’re asking you is to support her morally, appreciate and respect her for her life choices.


#4. Give Her Your Undivided Attention
Trust us, it’s easier said than done. If you seriously want your crush to be your next girlfriend, then you need to give her your undivided attention.


Give Her Your Undivided Attention


Put away your smartphone and focus all your attention on her. If you fail to do so, you might come across as a prick; the decision is in your hands.


#5. Practice Cleanliness

Believe it or not, the romance wears off the moment she finds your apartment is a mess. Girls worship cleanliness and you should never forget that!

Make every effort to keep your place clean. Here’s an advice- clean your dishes, take care of your wet towel, and don’t leave your dirty socks on the floor.


#6. Be Mr.Funnybones

Try to act funny and lighthearted around your crush. Doing so, she will feel more comfortable and won’t keep her silly things to herself.


Be Mr.Funnybones


So, let loose and make her laugh if you’re pretty serious about getting the girl for keeps.


#7. Maintain Positivity

Just in case you don’t like her friends or family, don’t just spit it out on her face. One of the worst things you can do is say bad about the people she actually loves and cares about.

Remember, negativity doesn’t build relationships, positivity does.


#8. Give Her “Her Space”


Give Her Space


Making your crush feel special is important but don’t make her feel that you have nothing but her. That is, don’t be a fool to make her your everything!

Give her importance but also spend time with your friends and family; this alone will make her fall hard for you.