5 Effective Dating Tips For Men

Are you wanting to ask the hottest girl in your office for a date but nervous that you might end up creeping her out? Well, you’re not the only one who thinks the same. This problem seems to be escalating and affecting quite a good number of guys.

This is because even if you make one small mistake, you’ll be embarrassed for the rest of your life.

The situation, fellas, is about to change now. Here’s how you can ask ‘the girl,’ you adore, out on a date. This dating advice for men has proven to be working quite nicely. So, fasten your seatbelts and let’s go on this dating tips ride!

Meet in Person, Ask in Person

If you like a girl, do talk to her in person instead of texting or emailing her like a despo. A girl appreciates someone with guts, who takes a personal approach. Going the digital way may set a poor tone for the communication, if you will have any in future.


Once you are done with this whole introduction thing, it’s time you ask her out. Remember to ask her in person rather than texting, which is impersonal and may represent you in a weaker form.

Choose a casual location

When the whole dating tone is set, it’s time to choose a spot and a guy must do so. A girl likes someone who is in control. If you kept asking her where does she want to go or what she wanted to do, she would reflect the question back to you.


Tell her about the plan like ’hey! I know a good place that sells coffee, would you like to have one?’ Also, you can keep it casual, grab the coffee and go for a walk in the park or sit there. This will show that you enjoy authority and yet you value her opinion.

Dress Simple And Casual

Women are mysterious, no doubt, but one thing that’s common is they love men who appear good. You need not buy an expensive Armani or Gucci suit to impress the girl. Dress simple and well, smell good, get your hair and nails done, go with a clean-shaven or neatly done bearded face.  Attention to detail is the key here that women find so attractive.


While selecting your dress, ensure you don’t look like a colorful circus clown. Dress decent, choose matching clothes that are pressed and are not too bright or light. Keep a balance.

Be A Gentleman

Chivalrous guys are always desired by women. When entering the car, open and hold the door for her, do the same when you stop for coffee or whatever you two decided to go for. Do keep your phone turned off or discard any incoming messages or calls when you’re with her.


This behavior will indicate that you appreciate her being with you. If talking about something, be gentle and listen to her side calmly.

Keep Your First Date Fun And Action Filled

Women/girls, they love fun. When making small talk crack some funny jokes. Make sure you don’t overdo, nobody laughs at a cripple joke, alright?


Plan an action activity, like bungee jumping, bowling or a coaster ride. According to science, women tend to like the guy they are with more when they are filled with adrenaline, which gets pumped into the body only after something actionable. Nothing beats science!

There you go, all these dating tips for men are scientifically proven and they work. Give these tips a go and see ‘the girl’ melt for you. P.S. you do realize, women like keepers, Be That Guy.